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Where to get help with your hearing

All UK residents, who need hearing assistance, are able to get it free of charge – from the NHS.   Your GP will have to agree to refer you to the local audiology department, usually situated in a hospital.  The hospital audiology department, will provide you with a hearing instrument,  usually a behind-the-ear hearing aid, within 18 weeks of you first visit to them.  There are slightly different variations depending on whether you access the NHS  in England, N.Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

For a wider choice of style and performance, and a more personal servcie considerably sooner, possibly the same day, there is the private sector.  Though you will have to pay to acquire this level of choice, prices today can often be found starting at under £400, which given the minimum expected life of a hearing aid, equates to less than 25p a day!

Private sector hearing centres run by qualified and licensed hearing healthcare professionals can be found in premises in town's and cities throughout the UK or, attached to a variety of other professions including opticians and pharmacies.  Alternatively a hearing aid dispenser can visit you at home.  [You can find your nearest options in our “Find a Dispenser” section on this site.]  Presently, there is no option for you to access your NHS provision through these methods nor for you to have the value put towards the cost of a private aid.