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Professional Development

One of the principal functions of the Society is helping its members to keep their professional knowledge and skills up to date.  This is particularly important because of the rapid progress in our understanding of the causes and effects of hearing loss and frequent advances in hearing aid technologies. In keeping abreast with these developments, the Society’s members will continue to provide the best possible care and advice for their clients.

Our professional regulator, the Health and Care Professions Council requires all registered Hearing Aid Dispensers to meet its standards for continuing professional development (CPD). In support of these measures and to ensure that high standards of professional practice are maintained by its members, the Society has a programme of educational events throughout the year.

The Society also makes it a condition of membership that continuing professional development activities are undertaken by all its members. Those members who have gained the higher status of Fellowship of the Society are required to make an even greater commitment to their professional development.

In addition to its regular educational and professional development activities, the Society provides a CPD accreditation service for any other organisation wishing to offer training courses to the Society’s members. This service by the Society encourages the availability of high quality training relevant to hearing aid audiology for the continuous improvement of professional practice.
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