The Society regularly speaks out in support of its members and people with hearing loss and has been involved in a number of major campaigs over the years not least Suffering in Silence, a long-running investigation in NHS Hospital waiting times which unltimately led to NHS hearing care being available from independent hearing care professionals on the high street.   During 2015 it campaigned with others, unsuccessfully against plans by doctors in North Staffordshire to ration NHS hearing aids to people with mild to moderate hearing loss, but the publicity surrounding this campaign influenced other clinicial commissioning groups who decided against rationing.   It is currently campaigning against the unrestricted sale of so called Personal Sound Amplification Products which audiologists across Europe believe may cause damage to the hearing of those who use them.

BSHAA is a member of a number of organisations which jointly campaign for people with hearing impairment, notably:

The Hearing Loss and Deafness Alliance, a coalition of charities and professional representative groups working in partnership to prevent and reduce the impact of hearing loss and tinnitus, and to promote the inclusion and participation of people who are deaf and hard of hearing in our society.

The National Community Hearing Association whose members are committed to achieving good hearing for all and to delivering high-quality, accessible, and cost-effective preventative, screening and hearing care services in the community and to actively engage with including patients, charities, all healthcare professionals and government – to promote hearing as an integral part of public health and primary healthcare.