The Congress VISA Scheme


BSHAA Visa Scheme LogoThe VISA scheme is your chance to win great prizes by going along and speaking to our exhibitors. The idea is simple: in your delegate pack you will find your VISA record card – which contains the names of each participating exhibitor and the prize they are offering you the chance to win. All you have to do is go along to their stand and have a chat to their team who will stamp the relevant place in your record card.  Once you have visited all the participating

exhibitors hand your card into the BSHAA reception desk (or put it in the box provided) and you will be entered in the prize draw which takes place in the main auditorium after the last session on Saturday afternoon. We’ll draw cards out in turn and each name drawn out will get one of the prizes offered by our VISA exhibitors.

Remember you have to visit ALL the VISA exhibitors to enter the draw – but then the prizes are worth it!