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BSHAA Professional Development Day

There will be a packed day of seminars and workshops at BSHAA's Professional Development Day in London on Saturday 30 September.

Development day


A vibrant, central London venue

The event takes place at the vibrant etc venues Liverpool St-Norton Folgate Conference & Training, just five minutes from Liverpool Street Station. You can have a look around the venue, watch a video or find out more on their website. The venue is centrally located in London, convenient for The Gherkin and Tower of London, and close to London Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral.
If you are looking to stay in the capital for a night, or even make a full weekend of it, please use the venue's Find a Hotel facility. 



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A packed programme of learning

We have 10 sessions from national and international experts in a packed day of learning, with up to 11 CPD points available.
Sessions include:

Building a dementia-friendly practice (Nori Graham)

Professional development day - Nori Graham

Find out more about delivering services for people living with dementia. At the end of the session, you will have Dementia Friend status. Nori Graham is a Dementia Friend Champion for the Alzheimer's Society and vice president and former chair of the National Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer's Disease International. She is Emeritus Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

The audiologist as entrepreneur: practical strategies to multiply your private practice (Dev Lall)

Dev Lall

Dev Lall (FRCS Gen Surg) is a surgeon, entrepreneur, author and speaker who has helped numerous healthcare practitioners to grow their private practices. Known as 'The Private Practice Expert', Dev is a sought-after speaker who will deliver practical advice on marketing, social media, websites and much more.

Introducing The Nectima - and why it represents a paradigm shift in hearing healthcare (Curtis Alcock)

Professional development day - Curtis Alcock

The Nectima is a new model of auditory wellbeing that cuts down on rehab time and resistance by automatically fostering a more positive, collaborative and supportive approach to better hearing. It works by re-framing hearing healthcare so that taking action is seen as a gain, rather than an acceptance of loss, and by providing a positive context for using hearing technology in conjunction with other strategies.

Interventional audiology (Dr Brian Taylor)

Professional development day - Brian Taylor

Interventional audiology looks at hearing loss in the broader context of its relationship to other medical conditions. Through interventional audiology, we seek to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve health outcomes. Embedding this concept within your service delivery model will not only be hugely beneficial for your clients but will also differentiate your service from your competition. Dr Brian Taylor will join us from the US to show you how.

Sound quality judgements of hearing aid processed music (Jonathan Vaisberg)

Professional development day - Jonathan Vaisberg

Jonathan Vaisberg will fly in from Canada to present a recent study which compared hearing-impaired listeners’ sound quality ratings of hearing aid processed music between several premier hearing devices and their respective universal and music programs.

Binaural sensitivity (Dr Christian Fullgrabe)

Professional development day - Christian Fullgrabe

Dr Christian Füllgrabe, a Senior Investigator Scientist at MRC Institute of Hearing Research, will update delegates on a new method for determining binaural sensitivity to temporal fine structure (TFS), developed in collaboration with Professor Brian Moore from Cambridge University.


When the hearing aids do not help – audiological criteria and candidacy for implantable middle ear devices and cochlear implant systems (Tracey Twomey)

Tracey Twomey

Tracey Twomey is Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of Service at the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme; and Chair of the British Cochlear Implant Group. Clinical practice in auditory implant centres has evolved over time and it is essential that referring audiology professionals have access to regular updates on the criteria, mechanisms for referral and what to expect in terms of clinical outcomes for patients. Tracey's presentation aims to promote understanding of access to middle ear and cochlear implant systems, provide practical and current information on who and how to refer for assessment, and how to work in partnership with your local implant centre.

The perils of cerumen management by an audiologist (Raul Garcia-Medina)

Raul Garcia-Medina

Ears are supposed to self-clean, so what is the current fascination with ear wax removal in the UK? Patients will try to remove it themselves first and very often it won’t work; GPs do not provide the service or it ends up being a very long-winded process; ENTs believe is a ‘lesser’ job and tertiary level service providers should not have to deal with this ‘minor inconvenience’. So, Audiology wants to capitalise on it but are we ready, prepared and qualified for the management of cerumen? This session will explore the indications and contraindications of the various ear wax removal techniques. And will consider the implications of offering these services from an audiological perspective by someone who has been doing it for 11 years.
Raul Garcia-Medina is Hearology's Clinical Director and one of the company's co-founders. A member of the BSHAA Council, an IDA Fellow, and past Clinical member of the UK Clinical Reference Group for Specialised Ear Surgery.





A chance to network

Catch up with colleagues and make new connections over lunch and coffee breaks. Meet BSHAA Council members and find out more about applying for BSHAA Fellowship.


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A value-for-money event

Tickets for BSHAA members to this packed day of learning and networking are just £75 - with a group of four tickets available for £250, a saving of £50.

Student members - £33
HCA members - £50
Non-members - £125



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  • Sat 30 Sep 2017
  • Sat 30 Sep 2017
  • etc.venues Liverpool Street – Norton Folgate , Bishopsgate Court, London