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BSHAA webinar: Maximising Patient Outcomes in the Era of Consumer-Driven Healthcare

Dr Brian Taylor will look at consumer-driven healthcare in our BSHAA webinar on 28 June and how hearing care professionals can properly utilise patient-centred care.


Maximising Patient Outcomes in the Era of Consumer-Driven Healthcare

Dr Brian Taylor, Fuel Medical Group managing director

Professional development day - Brian Taylor (2017 07 17 11 10 22 UTC)

Thursday 28 June, 6.45-8.15pm GMT
FREE for BSHAA members | £20+booking fee for guests
2.5 BSHAA CPD points for attending and recording reflections



As individuals take a more proactive role in their healthcare, it forces audiologists to re-evaluate their value in the marketplace. Modern technology, such as self-fitting over-the-counter hearing aids, and interactive service delivery models using patient-centred counselling principles need to be embraced by clinicians. 
This presentation lays the groundwork for how these innovations can be applied clinically to maximise patient outcomes and better address the communication needs of under-served populations.


Learning outcomes

At the end of the webinar you will:
  • understand the principles of consumer-driven healthcare;
  • understand the evidence supporting the application of self-fitting hearing aids sold over the counter;
  • know how to implement clinical protocols and systems that utilise patient-centred care.



Dr Brian Taylor is the director and clinical audiologist for the Fuel Medical Group. He is also editor-in-chief of the Hearing Healthcare & Technology Matter blog, an independent source of industry news. Dr Taylor has 27 years of clinical, teaching and management experience. He lives in Minnesota.

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