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BSHAA WEBINAR: Noise Reduction with Dr Douglas Beck

Join Dr Douglas Beck on Thursday 20 February for a BSHAA webinar on speech-in-noise testing.

Feb 2020 webinar


Thursday 20 February, 6.45 - 8.15pm

Noise Reduction: Managing the Signal-to-Noise Ratio

With Dr Douglas Beck
Oticon's executive director of academic sciences

The webinar will earn you 2.5 BSHAA CPD points

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  • understand the common problems shared by people with hearing aids
  • know exactly what 'noise' is and how to define it
  • understand the three protocols designed to reduce noise



The largest complaint from people with hearing loss, people with suprathreshold listening disorders and from people wearing traditional hearing aids, is their inability to understand speech in noise (SIN). This webinar focuses on the pragmatics and importance of measuring Speech-in-Noise (SIN) ability. Of note, SIN ability is measured using the 'SNR-50'. The SNR-50 will be defined as the signal-to-noise ratio required to achieve 50% correct word recognition scores, in a background of four-talker babble. The SNR-50 was advocated as a pivotal factor and a guidepost in aural rehabilitation.
Dr Douglas Beck will address how digital noise reduction (DNR) and directional microphones have performed with respect to the SNR-50, and address various remote microphone technologies, to help select and manage the most effective solution based on the specific problems the patient experiences.



Doug Beck

Dr Douglas Beck is a highly influential academic and opinion leader. He earned his masters degree at the University of Buffalo (1984) and his doctorate from the University of Florida. His career began in Los Angeles at the House Ear Institute in cochlear implant research and intraoperative cranial nerve monitoring. By 1988, he was Director of Audiology at Saint Louis University. Eight years later he co-founded a multi-office dispensing practice in St Louis. In 1999, he became President and Editor- In-Chief of, and

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