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Hearing: A Sense of Purpose

The second joint conference from BSHAA, the BSA and BAA takes place in Bristol on 25 March 2019.

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Second joint BSHAA/BAA/BSA event on 25 March 2019
Mercure Grand Hotel, BRISTOL

Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel

Registration is now open for 'Hearing: A Sense of Purpose', the second joint event from BSHAA, the BAA and BSA that takes place in Bristol on Monday 25 March.

Following on from 2018’s “Towards a Connected Future” event - the first ever joint conference from BSHAA, the BAA and BSA - we know that technology will continue to underpin connection, the public want to be connected to their worlds and audiologists said they saw the value of a connected future. So in 2019 we bring you “Hearing: A Sense of Purpose”, the second joint event focused to drive action, fulfill our purpose and ensure the public are aware that sensory health starts with hearing.

This pivotal event includes an exhibition of the latest technology and thinking, speakers from a range of healthcare backgrounds and Public Health England, and research leading into “think tank workshops” where you can share opinions and help drive forward strategy and action.

Members: £50.00
Non members: £95.00
Students: £30.00



Programme highlights:
  • Why does Audiology struggle to be heard? The power of a unified voice: Kamini Gadhok, CEO RCSLT
  • What to do with this voice? Forming a unified public education & awareness message – what people should know
  • Productive Ageing: Clare Perkins, Sensory Lead for Public Health England
  • Hearing, mental well-being and help-seeking: Dr Piers Dawes, Senior Lecturer in Audiology, Manchester Centre for Audiology & Deafness (ManCAD), University of Manchester
  • Audiologists we need you - Celebrate our Profession!: Recruitment / Intergenerational motivation: Kevin Wyke, Consultant, Leap Further
  • Workshop 1 The Power of a Unified Voice
  • Workshop 2 What Everyone Should Know
  • Workshop 3 Celebration Time - come on!
  • Q&A - Leaders from Professional Bodies

To view the full programme CLICK HERE 

The workshops:

Workshop 1 The Power of a Unified Voice
Facilitator: Roger Lewin, Audiologist, BHIMA & Starkey MD
Audiology often struggles to get its messages heard. Limited consistency or shared cross-sector values has led to a lack of strength and momentum to move agendas forward. This facilitated workshop will ask you to explore these issues to find ways to raise the profile of audiology & drive improvements.

Workshop 2 What Everyone Should Know
Facilitator: David Stockdale, Chief Executive British Tinnitus Association
Understanding the importance of protecting hearing, early intervention, associated comorbidities & the benefits of empowering people to communicate confidently is well understood by the audiology professional but do the public understand? This workshop will explore what shared messages we would want the public to know and how we can get these messages out there?

Workshop 3 Celebration Time - come on!
Facilitator: Kevin Wyke, Consultant, Leap Further
Most audiologists fall into the profession by accident but then stay once they are in. Knowing we have a workforce shortage with more demand round the corner, this workshop will explore why we stay, why we love ears, where our careers have taken us, what the opportunities are and ask how we might celebrate our successes, help others progress and encourage potential students to choose audiology as a destination career.

To view the full programme CLICK HERE


Upcoming Dates for this event

  • Mon 25 Mar 2019
  • Sun 24 Mar 2019
  • Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel, ,