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Webinar: Marketing Your Hearing Practice Using Purple Cows in a Blue Ocean

This webinar will cover how popular marketing concepts, strategies and skills can be applied to growing a hearing practice. Learn how to attract new patients, increase business and differentiate your practice in a crowded and ever-changing market place.

Here's an invitation from webinar presenter Dr Matt Perry...

Continuously developing your clinical skills is important, but you can't pay your mortgage with clinical skills. Being able to deliver the highest quality of hearing healthcare requires that someone else wants to receive it.

Like it or not, your success as a private practice audiologist is dependent on other people deciding for themselves that they really want what you have, they trust that you're capable of giving it to them, and they're willing to spend their valuable time and money with you (and not someone else) to get it. No-one can know how good you are until they first know WHO you are.

This presentation will cover how popular marketing concepts, strategies and skills can be applied to growing a hearing practice. Attendees will learn specific ways to avoid the deadly "me too" marketing strategies, attract new patients, increase business, and differentiate their practice in a crowded and ever-changing market place. 

Learning Objectives:

Delegates will be able to -

  • Understand popular marketing concepts of differentiation and how they can be successfully applied to building their hearing practice
  • Understand and calculate the value of specific marketing activites to determine if they are worth spending time and money implementing in their place
  • Design a simple marketing implementation plan for their practice that is both practical and sustainable 

Dr Matt Perry, Au.D.

Dr Matt Perry

Matt Perry, Au.D. believes it's an ethical obligation for good clinicians to market themselves, and he love teaching them ways to have fun doing it. He is a  private practice owner, internet marketer, and is the host of the now classic (but prime for revival) "Audiology Marketing Now" - the Web TV show that "teaches audiologists how to get more of what they really want – more happy patients and more profits".

Dr. Perry created his private practice from scratch in 2008, which grew very quickly - mostly through direct-to-consumer marketing efforts. He worked as a  web developer through his university studies and is a passionate student of internet marketing.

With his soul split between the worlds of audiology and internet marketing, Dr. Perry has become an authority in the area of attracting patients and nurturing patient relationships using the internet. He resides in Bel Air, Maryland, with his wife and four children.

The webinar takes place on Tuesday 4th April 2017 at 19:00 - 20:30.

This event is free to BSHAA Members (Students who wish to take part need to join BSHAA, click here to find out more) and £20 for non-members.

Once you have booked your place you will reieve an email from the BSHAA events team in due course with details of how to view the webinar.

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