Friday afternoon May 15th

Breakout Sessions 

Alan Muscat from Designjazz of Bridgenorth

Social Media

Alan Muscat is a director of Design Jazz Ltd , a graphic design and web company in nearby Bridgnorth.  He stepped in with hours to spare when the planned speaker Kerry Kirby fell ill while actually in Telford. Alan explained to his audience (in breakouts on Friday and Saturday) the importance social media now plays in the lives of everyone and how it can be a useful business tool.  View his slides here.

Anne Davies of South Cleveland Hospitals

Wireless Accessories

Anne Davies is Principal Clinical Scientist (Audiology), Head of Audiology Training and CPD, at the James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough. Her talk dealt with an analysis of research literature on wireless accessories with a view to helping audiologists quantify the benefits of those currently available. View a pdf of her presentation here.

Dr Karolina Kluk one of the Congress 2015 speakers

Plenary Session

Dr Karolina Kluk is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, and her talk demonstrated that the vestibular system contributes significantly to hearing in humans - a previously contentious hypothesis. The finding, she explained, provided strong evidence in support of a common evolutionary origin of the vestibular and auditory systems.  Download or view her presentation

Dr Simon Gane speaking at Congress 2015
Dr Simon Gane's presentation about the unusual conditions which can be encountered during an aural examination was particularly well received by delegates. Many conditions were so rare they were likely only to be diagnosed once in a lifetime but it was, said Dr Gane, important that audiologists recognised the signs so that they could refer onwards.   We don't have Simon's presentation.

Dr David Baguley speaking at Congress
David Baguley is always a popular speaker at BSHAA events and his talk updating delegates on tinnitus was well received. He explained that there is an unprecedented amount of both clinical and research activity but asked if progress was being made. Dr Baguley, from Cambridge University Hospitals, engaged with, and critically reflected  on recent developments in understanding the mechanisms of tinnitus explaining who was affected and why and what treatments were available, both standard and novel.  You can download a pdf file of his presentation here.