Hearing Care Assistants

Cover of HCA HandbookBSHAA developed the role of Hearing Care Assistant to the benefit of Hearing Care Professionals and the general public.  This is an opportunity for new entrants to the sector to work alongside Hearing Aid Dispensers and support them in their daily tasks. The Hearing Care Assistant function may also be of interest to those already working within the sector and seeking further qualification.

The introduction of the Hearing Care Assistant role will increase the manpower available to serve the growing demands of an ever growing hearing impaired population.

Prospective students of the Hearing Care Assistant qualification can access the course through Anglia Ruskin University and are usually (not always) sponsored by an employer. This distance learning course runs from September to May with examinations on Campus at the end, and upon qualification, the successful student will then become a BSHAA approved Hearing Care Assistant. It is expected these qualified individuals will then work alongside an H.A.D. registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Qualified Hearing Care Assistants can also escalate their qualification to HAD as the learning that they have achieved to that point can also count towards the Foundation Degree necessary to become an HAD registered with the HCPC.

HAD’s registered with the HCPC can delegate the tasks that they see fit for the Hearing Care Assistant to complete without direct supervision. In summary; the HCA. role is seen as important for growing the Hearing Care sector and supporting the general public in their choice of hearing aid solution.

Read or download a copy of the Society's Practice manual for the use,supervision, training and approval of Hearing Care Assistants

Please note that the guidance in this manual reflects best practice at the time of publication, building on the Code of Conduct and Training Standards for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England.