WEBINAR RECORDING: Introducing BSHAA's new CPD app for members

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BSHAA WEBINAR: Introducing the CPD Portal, BSHAA's new learning app for members

Thursday 13 August 2020

BSHAA would like to be our members' go-to place for independent CPD training and education. We'll soon be launching our own training app for members. The concept will be to log in regularly to listen to / read / attend one of our suggested educational items, and then to record it on your app. New articles, guidance and webinars will be viewable too. All our library will be easy to find and the app will keep your CPD record in good order and up to date. Your CPD record will be formatted in a way that HCPC will accept, so if you are selected for an audit, it will be a fairly straightforward process and all done in a few clicks. The app will be personal to you, completely secure and, best of all, free for our members.
In this webinar, BSHAA Council member Samantha Dixon will explain the BSHAA CPD offering for members and Domini Lawson, our CPD app partner, will show us all how to make the most out of the new app. With registration renewal currently ongoing, the launch of this app is perfectly timed to start the new two-year CPD cycle fresh.
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