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WEBINAR RECORDING: The Future of Retail



Considerations for audiology practice in response to Brexit and Covid-19

Thursday 23 July 2020

This webinar explores the future of retail and how the audiology sector will be influenced by two of the greatest ongoing factors affecting our lives: Covid-19 and Brexit.
BSHAA chief executive Prof David Welbourn provides an insight into how staff and clients in various settings are being affected by the current crisis and what have the businesses in the sector prepared for.
Mr Raam Ratnam, a Senior Director in Retail & Consumer Products at S&P Global Rating shares his insights about the future trends in retail and consumer sectors within the wider context of the challenges presented by the pandemic and the evolving macro economic and consumer environment, that may directly or indirectly affect audiology businesses up and down the country. He looks at the state of the global and UK economy, Brexit and the importance of ESG (environmental, social and governance) and how these various factors will shape the future of the retail and consumer sectors going forward.
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