BSHAA Guidance on Record Keeping

BSHAA's Guidance on Record KeepingThe Customer Care Scheme provides practical follow-up advice to audiologists and companies if it feels this may help to provide a better outcome to resolve future complaints. Experience gained over the years the Scheme has been running has shown that good record keeping can help avoid misunderstandings and complaints. 

Consequently we decided to offer advice on good practice on record keeping.   This guidance has been produced by the Customer Services Committee in conjunction with the Society's Professional Development Committee which is responsible for professional standards.

How you keep client records is a fundamental part of your professional practice and interpretation of this guidance is up to you.  However BSHAA has set out what it considers to be best advice and our strong recommendation is that you should follow this guidance.

It has been has been split into two parts. The first part covers the basic record keeping requirement for all audiologists. The second part draws on experiences from actual Customer Care Scheme cases.  It should be read in conjuction with the Society's Guidance on Professional Practice booklet.

If you are in dispute with a client your strongest defence is a well written client record.  

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If it's not written down it did not happen

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