Saturday morning May 16th

Mark Laureyns President of the European Audiologists AssociationMark Laureyns, President of the AEA, the Association of European Hearing Aid Professionals, opened the Saturday morning session with a well attended lecture on the AEA which BSHAA is planning to join.  He explained that despite the apparent difficulty in pulling together national societies across Europe, 80% of what audiologists did everywhere was the same, the remaining 20% was where they did what they did and how. In particular he explained the threat to hearing aid dispensers across Europe and world from inexpensive personal amplifiers which he pointed out were not controlled by any legislation because they were amplification devices not hearing aids.  And he warned that some of these instruments could deliver sufficient volume that a user might damage their hearing using them.  Download or view his presentation slides.


David Welbourn BSHAA CEOThis was the first ever Congress for BSHAA's new Chief Executive David Welbourn and like the Presdent (Peter Sydserff) he took the opportunity to set out for delegates how he saw the challenges for the Society and for the profession in the future.  In particular he urged members to contribute to the debate by letting the Society hear their views either in person or by using the Ideas Board on BSHAA's stand in the exhibition hall.  See David Welbourns slides

Laplant-levesque - 1Ariane Laplante-Levesque is a research leader at the Eriksholm Research Centre, in Denmark, and encouraged delegates to allow their clients to share in the decision making about how their hearing loss was managed. Her talk relayed information gained in a sample of patients who had taken part in shared decision making explaining how it had affected motivation and ultimately outcomes. See Ariane's slides.