Saturday afternoon May 16th

Jonathan Jones of the HCPCJonathan Jones was the first speaker on Saturday afternoon and covered the safeguarding roles of the HCPC of which he is Stakeholder Communications Manager.   View his presentation.

Dr Jay Jindal BSHAA's Education and Professional Development AdvisorLike the Chief Executive who spoke earlier, Congress was the first chance the Society's new Education and Professional Development Consultant had had to speak to a large audience of members.  And if the feedback was anything to go by it was a popular presentation in which he reminded delegates that for almost 70 years they still relied most on what he called: “the good old PTA” as the main test of client's hearing.   Jay went on to demonstrate that a good 15 minutes spent in the clinic could give very important information about a client's auditory system as a whole, and could help in making decisions about their management.  View Jay Jindal's slides

Julian TreasureIn a powerful and polished presentation the final speaker, Julian Treasure,  told how sound affected every aspect of our lives, from our health and relationships to our success in achieving life goals. Julian introduced the fundamentals of sound, how our brains had evolved to react to the sound around us, and how we could take control of this sound to lead happier, healthier lives and how listening was a crucial part of this ability to communicate and succeed. We don't have his slides but you can visit his website here: Julian Treasure online