Why choose a BSHAA member?

Healthcare professionals

To be a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists you must first have met the qualification criteria set by the Health and Care Professions Council which by law regulates health care professionals in the United Kingdom. It is illegal to practice as a Hearing Aid Audiologist in this country without that registration. There is a strict code of conduct laid down by both BSHAA and the HCPC to ensure best advice and to protect the public.

When choosing to consult a BSHAA member about your hearing care, you can be assured that you are dealing with an appropriately qualified and registered health care professional.

The Customer Care Scheme…

BSHAA Customer Care Scheme logoBSHAA has operated a successful Customer Care Scheme for some years. All BSHAA members are obliged to act if a client complains to the Society that they are unhappy with a product or service provided by a BSHAA member. The Customer Care Scheme has also helped owners of hearing aids who have moved into the UK from abroad or away from their original provider to find a BSHAA member who can help with their existing system.

When you buy a hearing system from a BSHAA member you can be assured that you will have another course of redress if you find in any way that you were unhappy with the outcome. You can find out more in the latest annual report from the BSHAA Customer Care Scheme.

Committed to being the best hearing care professionals

Membership of BSHAA is voluntary and a hearing care professional who chooses to become a member demonstrates that they wish to be more than just another hearing aid audiologist. All BSHAA members are encouraged to practice above the base standard set by the Regulator.

All members of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists are encouraged to extend their scope of practice beyond their initial training. This means that when you consult with a BSHAA member you may find that their skillset and experience is wider than you may expect. Simple hearing assessments and hearing aid fittings are only a small part of what your average BSHAA member is capable of. You could find that they can help in other areas of care like wax removal or advice on how to manage tinnitus.

At the heart of all good professional practice is a passion for continuing professional development. All BSHAA members are routinely invited to learning events and an annual conference. The Society regularly distributes a professional journal containing many learned articles. This website has a secure members’ area where many learning materials are available to view and download. All this comes together to help members reflect and effect change to their professional practice wherever they choose to work.

When asking a BSHAA member to help you with your hearing, you can be assured that they will have taken steps to ensure that they are up to date and giving you advice in an informed and balanced way.