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The opening day of Congress is devoted to clinical and business workshops in pre-defined morning and afternoon sessions. Simply choose which workshops you would like to attend when you register to customise your Congress experience.

The day ends with an informal reception in the exhibition hall. Discuss the day’s workshops with fellow delegates end enjoy a selection of canapes and refreshments, network with new contacts and get a preview of the Congress exhibition, which officially opens at 8am on the Saturday. 


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Choose ONE of these in-depth, 2.5-hour clinical workshops:

Aural care

With representatives from Aston University, Mary Hare and The Hearing Lab
The aural care workshop is an opportunity for audiologists seeking to extend their scope of practice to learn more about the steps they need to take to be able to offer this service. The BSA guidance on aural care is in the final stages of consultation ready to be published later this year, and delegates at this workshop will have the opportunity to hear about the standard, ask questions and contribute. A number of organisations who provide training in different aural care techniques will then give some headlines of what they see as important issues to be addressed in the training and preparation for setting up a clinic. Each organisation will bring examples of equipment and training materials which delegates will have a chance to learn about in informal discussions with representatives from these trainers. 

CBT masterclass: advanced skills in cognitive behavioural therapy for audiologists

With Beth-Anne Culhane, team lead for hearing therapy at St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Beth-Anne Culhane

This interactive, practical workshop is designed to help you develop clinical skills in mindfulness-based CBT to manage people with tinnitus and/or hearing issues. We will cover how to use CBT techniques in your clinical practice, discuss various theoretical models of this approach and how to apply the theory into practice via real-life examples and group work. The conceptual framework of CBT - including Socratic questioning, formulation, Hot Cross Bun Model (Padesky's work), thought records, behavioural experiments and cognitive distortions - will be explained, followed by a discussion on how these concepts can be used in daily clinics. Be prepared for lots of interaction, case-study based exercises in groups, and to learn skills that will help you grow your clinical knowledge and develop your business further. 

Beth-Anne Culhane is an advanced audiologist and the team lead for hearing therapy at St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She is responsible for the tinnitus self-management service, which offers sound therapy, relaxation courses, CBT-informed approaches and the eight-week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Tinnitus course. She has previously been the Chair of the British Tinnitus Association's Professional Advisors' Committee and is actively involved in research.


Audiology overview

With BSHAA chief executive Professor David Welbourn

David Welbourn  CEO BSHAA

This workshop aims to provide a view of the audiology world as seen by a non-audiologist. Like most areas of professional practice, audiology has a unique way of working and its own language all of which act as barriers to those unfamiliar with its language and customs. Alongside the perceived stigma and reluctance to admit hearing difficulties, this barrier can deter would-be clients and patients from taking that all important step. For other professionals, the barrier can also make it difficult to take the first step towards a possible partnership which could be mutually beneficial. By looking from the outside in, delegates should gain fresh insight about new opportunities open to them.

Lunch and networking

Choose TWO workshops from:

Business strategy masterclass - how to differentiate your practice

With Peter Sydserff, Director of House of Hearing
Discover the latest global trends in hearing care, how digital disruption and consumer-driven healthcare can work for you, and how to implement an effective marketing strategy

Hearing and Vision: What's the connection?

Presenters: Mel Gregory, Conor O'Kane and Alan Sanderson

Mel Gregory

Join us for an interactive workshop which will explore the synergies between hearing and vision. We will consider the health benefits of joined care, what it takes to deliver services in a holistic and person-centred way and considerations in the delivery of an effective business model.

Mel Gregory is the strategic lead for hearing care across Leightons and The Hearing Care Partnership. She is passionate about person-centred care and raising awareness of the connection between hearing, health and well-being. Co-presenters include Alan Sanderson and Conor O'Kane, experienced practitioners within a shared optical and hearing setting.


Cognition masterclass: cognitive ability and its effect on audiological care

With Dr James Jackon C.Psychol. AFBPsS. SFHEA.

718 James Jackson

This session will consider cognitive impairment that may be present as a result of hearing loss and/or tinnitus but will also consider other confounding factors such as advancing age, chronic stress and flexibility of thought. We will consider possible methods of cognitive screening (ie questionnaires and cognitive tasks – both pen and paper and online) and their effective and ethical use. In addition, considering that appointment time is limited, we will consider how such information may be collected in advance of appointments (use of websites such as Online Survey and open source software packages etc), enabling the practitioner to focus on interventions during the appointment.
James is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychology Society. He holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from the University of Sheffield, an MSc in Industrial Psychology from the University of Hull, and a PhD (Psychology) from the University of Hull. His doctorate considered the effects of tinnitus on concentration and task performance. He holds a Senior Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy - now Advance HE (SFHEA).

BSHAA Annual General Meeting


Informal reception in the exhibition hall

Discuss the day’s workshops with fellow delegates end enjoy a selection of canapes and refreshments, network with new contacts and get a preview of the Congress exhibition, which officially opens at 8am on the Saturday. 

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